Friday, 28 October 2016

Tips for Reliable Packaging

Shipping companies have been striving hard to ensure that integrity of packages remain intact from dispatch until delivery. However, a fair amount of risk of items getting damaged during transit still exists. Good news is that you can avoid such mishaps by ensuring that your package is capable to endure the harshness that might come during handling or transportation. These safety measures have to be followed by the sender because carriers wouldn’t work on securing any package from the perspective of any of its requirements apart from improving the process of handling and transportation.

Important guidelines that should be taken into consideration to ensure package’s safety are as under.

Provide suitable cushioning to the items
Cushioning is usually done with the help of packaging materials that have shock absorbent properties. Every void in the box should be filled using appropriate cushioning materials.

  • Newspapers, peanuts and bubble wrap can be used for filling purposes. These materials are ideal for avoiding item’s movement in the box.
  • If you are shipping multiple items in a single box, wrap every item using suitable cushioning material and keep every item away from each other and also from top, bottom and all four sides.
  • Use cushioning wrap of minimum 3-inch thickness for fragile items.
  • For general items, use cellular air-filled cushioning of 2-inch thickness.
  • Items which cannot be packed in shipping boxes should be secured well by covering its edges and delicate areas using corrugated board.

Ensure safer boxing
Picking strong and reliable box for shipping is essential. Make sure that box is capable to accommodate the item along with recommended cushioning.

  • Use protective shipping boxes for the items that might be at the risk of getting damaged if packed in standard boxes.
  • The sturdy outer boxes should be used to ship non-fragile items.
  • Boxes that contain shoes and gifts should be packed in corrugated boxes.
  • Granular items or the items that might get spilled during shipping should be stored in leak proof containers with strong seal. Sift-proof plastic bag is an appropriate choice in this regard.
  • Make sure that shipping box is in good shape and condition from every aspect.
  • To pack heavy items, use double boxes.

Seal the package
Sealing should be done used H-taping method. Moreover, the taping should be done by applying at least three strips of tape on top and bottom flaps.

The suitable types of tape are pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water-activated reinforced tape and water-activated paper tape.

Labeling the package
Labeling with clear printed text is very important to ensure that package arrives at right address.
  • Complete delivery information should be placed inside and outside the box.
  • If the box has been used previously, remove previous labels or make them void with the help of cross mark.
  • Do not attach labels on corners, edges and seam of the box.